214 2nd Street SE – James and Mayetta McCartney House

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The McCartney House (214 2nd St. E)

The McCartney House is located on the south side of 2nd Street SE.  This comparatively small house is banked into a fairly steep side slope and is located along a narrow street that dead-ends to the east.

The house was built on a locally-quarried limestone foundation and began as a one-story brick dwelling about 1855, just after this area was platted as part of Saxby’s 1st Addition to Mount Vernon.

The original house was enlarged with a second story c.1861, also built of brick. The brick is locally-manufactured, with the exterior walls now painted white as is the exterior of the limestone foundation.  In 1877, a two-story frame addition and a one-story frame addition were added to the rear and southeast corner of the brick house.

Around the 1920s, a small bathroom addition was made to the rear of the two-story frame addition, and in the 1970s, a two-level porch was also added to the rear of the house.

Two contributing objects include a handwrought iron hitching post located in front of the house next to the street curb and a large stone mounting block located behind the house and covered by the 1970s porch addition. Both objects appear to be at their original locations and date from the property’s period of significance.