High School History Reports

History of the Cedar Springs Hotel

By Heather Heaton and Allison Pospisil Cedar Springs Hotel What once sparkled and rocked with laughter and music, now lies broken and ready for burial. All that remains of the…Read More

The Strother Century House By Joe Clark

The Strother Century House By Joe Clark This is a house that has gone through four generations Strothers owning it. From Amos and Ellen who were the founders, to John…Read More

The Shantz House

by Chris Stoner October 2003 For my Mount Vernon History Project, I chose the brick house at 303 A Ave. South. This house was built by my great-great-great grandfather Martin…Read More

Memories of The Strand by Cathy George

MEMORIES OF THE STRAND BY CATHY GEORGE       I decided to do my project on what residents who have lived in Mt. Vernon for a long time can…Read More

Life in Mount Vernon…Back In Time by Cornelia Vinzens

I thought about many things I could write my project about; Lincoln Highway, uptown, architecture in Mt. Vernon… and many other things. But, for myself, I think I chose the…Read More

My House

By Larry Covington William Abbe, the first white settler of Linn County, lived on the land where my present house now stands. Abbe was a tall, thin, energetic man from…Read More

The Verba Quarry- By Nate Newmeister

The picture on the opposite page is a copy of an original picture of the Verba Quarry in Mt. Vernon, Iowa taken prior to World War II. The Verba Quarry…Read More

Where do we go from here: A historical look at transportation in Mt. Vernon

by Jon Stoner October 23, 2000 3rd period U.S. History Introduction I decided to do my project on the historical aspects of transportation in Mount Vernon. After gathering information from…Read More

Mount Vernon Motel by Tohfa Manji

Owning your own business takes both perseverance and a little perspiration. In the long run, however, it’s worth the effort for most people. My parents own the Mount Vernon Motel…Read More