William Smith

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William Smith was born May 29th, 1848 in Penn Township, Ohio. He joined the Union Army at age 16, and in the summer of 1864 his regiment joined William Sherman’s command at Big Shanty, GA. He sustained two gunshot wounds in Atlanta, and by the time his wounds were dressed, he was unable to walk. He returned home on a furlough and later received an honorable discharge. In 1865 he accompanied his parents to Iowa, and in 1872 moved back to Ohio to open a drug store. He and his partners sold out, and William then became a traveling salesman for a wholesale druggist. In 1883 William moved to Mount Vernon. By 1884, he and his partner James Carson had opened The Mount Vernon Bank. He married Clara Brackett on September 9th, 1884, and they had two children: Edgar and Elisabeth. William died in August of 1899.