400 First Street SW

Photo of house at 400 First Street SW

400 First Street SW. Residence, clinic and office of Drs. Kate (Mason) and George Hogle. Morgan Funeral home. Kate (Mason) Hogle graduated from Cornell in 1882. Earliest woman physician in…Read More

323 3rd Street NE

Photo of 323 3rd Street NEE

Elijah D. and Mary J. (Adams) Waln House c. 1856 The Waln house is a two-story, side-gabled Greek Revival style house with a Federal style simplicity. Its foundation is locally…Read More

Albright House

Photo of house at 224 First Street SW.

The Albright house is the first documented brick home in Mount Vernon. The Albright brothers, brick makers and builders from Pennsylvania, built the house in 1853. It is an example…Read More