Myron Neff and Family

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Pictured are four generations of Neffs: Myron (left), his son Fred (right), Fred’s son Howard (center), and Howard’s son Howard Jr. (seated on Myron’s lap). Myron Neff was born in Springfield, Massachusetts on December 12th, 1845. He was the son of Zebulon and Roxanna Neff. The family came to Mount Vernon in 1854. He graduated from Cornell College in 1868. Myron married Anna Elizabeth Brackett that same year, and the pair ran Neff & Co. Furniture–which also functioned as a funeral home–until 1910, when their son Charles became the sole owner. Myron and Anna had four children in all: Fred, Charles, Edgar, and Elisabeth.  Myron died February 10th, 1928.