Mount Vernon Businesses 1870-1875


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Mount Vernon Businesses 1870-1875
Listed alphabetically
Names acquired through examination of records in Mt. Vernon Hawkeye
(Research credited to Jeff Clark; transcription identical to original file cards)

W.B. Armstrong & Rood
Dry Goods, Groceries, etc. 1870
Occasionally the ads appeared without Rood’s name.
also see: Hahn & Armstrong

S.H. Bauman 1870
Indemnity against Fire (Insurance Agent)
Hawkeye editor

Miss E.V. Beelman
Hoop Skirts, Corsets, etc. 1872

H. Beemer
Lisbon Marble Works 1870
H. Beemer
Sewing Machine Agent 1875

J. Bockstaller
Boots & Shoes 1870
later owned by McWilliams & Co. 1874

D.L. Boyd
Miller 1875
Ad appears offering to sell ¼ interest in Boyd’s Mill.

Abram Breneman
Flour & Feed 1872

T.S. Brokaw
Tobaccos, Sugars, & Green Fruit 1870
T.S. Brokaw
Confectioneries & Green Fruit 1871

H.C. Brown
Books & Stationery 1870
also: Agent for Steinway & Union Pianos and Jubilee Organs 1872
J. Wesley Brown
Attorney 1870

Henry Bunch
Barber 1870

Edwin Burd
Physician (Lisbon) 1872

Camp. Bros.
Carriages, Buggies, & Wagons 1870

G.L. Carhart
see Myer’s & Carhart

J.W. Carley
Groceries & Confectionery, etc. 1872

Dr. James Carson
Physician 1870
Drug Store

A. Chatelain
Clocks & Jewelry 1872

W.J. Clugstone
Livery Stable & Feed 1873

Henry Collin
Notary Public 1870

Comerer & Harvey
Jewelry 1870

Conrad, Knott, & Goudy
Flour Mill 1870
also: Knott’s & Goudy
Dry Goods 1870
also: C. Conrad
Boots & Shoes 1870

Cornell College
Advertisements seeking students 1870

Mrs. Craven & Templeton
Dress Shop 1873

N.P. Drown
Dry Goods, etc. 1870

M.H. Eberhart
Pictures 1872

Stewart Ellison
Whips, Saddles, Harnesses, etc. 1870

L. Fish
Watchmaker & Jeweler 1874

A.H. Gillete
Watchmaker & Jeweler 1873

S.A. Gladstone
Dressmaking 1870

E.T. Gough
Groceries 1873

E.L. Guild
Mt. Vernon House Motel 1870

M. Gutzler
Wagons 1870

Hahn & Armstrong
Quarry 1875

A.N. Hanna
Organs 1875

Frank W. Hart
Mount Vernon Nursery 1875
Real Estate & Collection Agent

James P. Haskin & Co.
Boots, Shoes, Gloves 1874
formerly owned by C. Conrad

Clark Hayzlett
Hardware 1870
(also: Hayzlett Meat Market)

Hayzlett & Sanders
Meat Market 1870
(also: Hayzlett Hardware)

William Hendershot
City Meat Market 1871

W.W. Henry
Clothing (by auction) 1873

J.P. Herron
Livery Stable 1870

A.R. Hodgkins
Dry Goods 1874
formerly owned by Knotts & Goudy

George Hollinger
(see H.T. Oldham)

E.H. Ingraham
Medical Doctor 1870

Knott’s & Goudy
see Conrad, Knotts & Goudy

Thomas Marlow
Osage Plants 1872

Thomas Marshall
Barber 1874

N.W. McKean
Notary Public & Conveyancer 1872

McWilliams & Co.
Boots & Shoes 1874
formerly owned by J. Bockstaller

Dr. W. Mudgett
Magnetic & Electric Physician 1875

Myer’s & Carhart
Drug Store 1870
Myer’s Bros. Drug Store 1871
also: G.L. Carhart, Physician 1870

William Oglebay
Tailor 1870

H.T. Oldham
House & Sign Painter 1870
later: Oldham & Hollinger Furniture 1871
Hollinger later advertises himself as an inventor and publicizes his Fly Catcher Invention (1873)

S.A. Parcel
Baker 1875

Emil Pfaffe
Piano & Organ Lessons 1872

David Platner
Saw Mill 1870

Amos Reynolds
will distribute advertisements 1874

J.T. Rice
Livery Stable 1870

Joseph Ross
Barber & Hair Dresser 1870

Henry Rogers
Watchmaker & Jeweler 1870

J.M. Ruff
Baker 1870
later: J.M. Ruff
Restaurant 1875

E. Rundell
Meat Market & Hides 1870

Sargent & Power
Books, Stationery, Groceries 1870
In 1873, an apparent split in this partnership.
Two separate shops appear in the adds—Sargent’s and
also Power’s. Then in 1874, only Sargent’s
Stationery is advertised. In 1875, a W.D.
Power appears as proprietor of Lisbon Manufacturing
Co.—possibly the same Power, possibly not.

C.M Sessions
Groceries 1874

James Smith
Dry Goods 1874

Smyth Bros. (1870)
later: R. Smyth & Co.
Lumber (1871)
also see: James Smyth & Wm. Brackett

James Smyth & Wm. Brackett
Woolen Mills 1872
formerly owned by Wm. Young

George Sperry

C.H. Sterneman
Dentist 1870
His actual office was in C.R., but he came
to Mt. Vernon for the first week of every

A.H. Stotler
Millinery Goods 1870

George W. Stuarts
Auctioneer 1870

E.D. Waln
Insurance Agent 1870