Minutes 2022-8-6

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The Historic Preservation Commission met at Mt. Vernon City Hall and via Zoom on Saturday August 6, 2022. Commissioners present at City Hall were, Suzette Astley, Mary Evans, Janet Budack, and Donnie Moore. Attending via Zoom were, Leah Rogers and Guy Booth.

The meeting was called to order at 09:15. There were no guests present The Minutes of the July 20, 2022 meeting were approved. There were no design review items on the agenda.

New business:

Revising and distributing out the HPC pamphlets to new prospective homeowners. Janet stated Guy suggested using the city water hook up database. There was also a suggestion that members of the Historical commission review and update the pamphlets with new material twice a year. Mary Evans suggested updating the website during this time also. Donnie Moore volunteered his time to assist with this project. Janet suggested that there be several copies of the pamphlets available to the public at inside city hall.

Mike Guerber has agreed to work on the Face book page and is now authorized to add items to the page.

Sue reported that Guy Booth presented Leah Rogers a Certificate of Appreciation Award. This award was presented to her inside her home on July 27 2022. Leah is recognized for her outstanding dedication and hard work through her many years of service with the Mount Vernon Historical Committee.

Sue Astley is working on the Historical Preservation news letter. Sue suggested that this is a great way for the commission to inform residential and commercial property owners of our guidelines, and to bring attention to the property owners who may not be aware they have items of historic relevance on their property.

Mary Evans discussed that there be a change of wording in the newsletter. Mary said the technical terms for newer houses in the district (non-contributing, non-conforming) might not be understood by all and she said the word modern is an appropriate alternative. Janet Budack made the suggestion of adding the word highly to the recommendation for a prereview.

Wade Squire is currently a business owner in the Historical District and has been extremely busy over the past year; however, he wishes to stay on the commission as a member. Jim Baty has also expressed interest as a potential new member of the commission. The city of Mt Vernon city ordinance states that commission members must be members of the community.-Janet Budack added that we approach commercial business owners who live in Mt Vernon as potential candidates for the board,

The commission is working on new maps for the Cornell College Resource District. The current maps are original and they do not include buildings where businesses were established. Sue Astley proposes to get estimates to redraw the maps, with special regards to sheds, barns, carriage houses, etc in the Ash Park area. Sue moved to make a motion an RFP for selected historical funding for a new map and resource list for Ash Park. Mary Evans seconded, it was approved.

There was no other new business. Old Business:

Cemetery report, Mary is working on a timeline and wants to add cemetery to the website. The city recorder has the cemetery book plot. Leah Rogers stated submitting a FSR for possibility of national registration. The original cemetery records show the cemetery was established in 1857, however, certain newspaper articles added Mr. Hauhn was buried in 1838 Mary Evans is working with the Methodist Church on this item. Janet talked about getting friends grant for the commission to umbrella a 5013C which allows taking donations. The city of Marion has done something similar with the Oak Shade Cemetery. Guy Booth is working with Chris Nosbisch to get one established for our community. Guy also stated Kevin Woods, who is a member of the American Legion, has worked on a military data base for the citizens of Mt.

Vernon and has expressed interest with being part of a “Friends” organization. Sue will plan a meeting for this upcoming fall once she hears back from Guy Booth, and Chris Nobisch, the city Administrator, about potential folks interested from the city to join the Friends organization.

Mary discussed The CR Historical Walking Tour that is scheduled for Thursday September 15 from 5:30 to 6:45 sunsets at 7:15 there should be plenty light for this event, weather permitting. Donnie Moore will play the part of business owner, farmer, and one of Mt Vernon’s earliest pioneers, E.D. Waln. Guy Booth will guide the next group at pt Brick. There will also be a guided tour with Mary Evans inside the Brackett house. The commission will need at least one more character to guide a crowd. Donnie thinks Mike may have an interest and he will reach out to him for verification before September’s meeting.

Mary is working on the outline of our archives to see what we have and what is missing. Janet suggested the women’s club names for recognition.

There were 14 properties nominated for awards that will be presented at the October 15th 2022 ceremony at the Lester Buresh Family Community Wellness Center. Janet Budack stated that Mt Vernon Bank is offering to sponsor the reception and we have additional funds for

invitations, refreshments, and frames for the awards. Sue suggested that the city use their envelopes and stamps for invitations as a way to save money.

Design review process

Sue Astley proposes to hire a professional and write a grant to get financial assistance from the state. Three items for decision review process are

ist} Cost, function of space original materials:

2nd) demo ordinance incorporated:

3rd} our specific guidelines: examples porches, balusters, columns. Sue Astley will write the grant proposal RFP. Another opportunity to explore is HDRP Historical Resource Development Plan. The city would devote money to Historic Center and Sue will write the grant.

The next meeting of the Commission is scheduled for September 3 unless we need a mid month design review meeting.

Meeting was adjourned 10:45am

Respectfully Submitted,


Donald E Moore