Minutes – 2022-01-08

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January 8, 2022

The Historic Preservation Commission met via Zoom on Saturday, January 8, 2022.

Commissioners present on Zoom were Suzette Astley, Ed Sauter, Mary Evans, Grace Chamberlain, Janet Budak, Leah Rogers, Donnie Moore, Duane Eash, and Edith Dawson. There were no guests at the meeting.

Leah Rogers made a motion to approve Minutes from two previous meetings November 17, December 4 Janet Budak approved.

There was a design review for the address of 610 8th Ave NW Cornell College District for detached garage roof shingle replacement. The work was performed prior to HPC approval though no permit was issued because we had not submitted a Certificate of Appropriateness or No Material Effect. Linn County does not issue a permit before the MVHPC has reviewed a COA application and issued one of the aforementioned documents. Leah Rogers made a motion to approve a Certificate of No Material Effect, Grace Chamberlain seconded and the Commissioners unanimously approved. On this project, a permit was applied for on November 8 but the Commission didn’t receive it until December 13. About whether there should be followup on this issue, Commissioners advised no action at this time.

Sue Astley reviewed the HPC budget for 2022 and noted the Cornell College District map is outdated. Leah Rogers is working with Jennifer Price to include all building that’s currently in the district (and remove others that are not) and to make sure the City also has a copy of the maps as well. Mary Evans discussed possibly adding another person to update the HPC webpage. The committee also discussed the use of $2500.00 for the restoration of the Lincoln Highway Kiosk. Duane Eash is volunteering his time to work verify the existence of the structures represented on the draft map. Sue Astley will send note of congratulations for the MVHPC to Paula Moore’s replacement as the new state CLG coordinator.

King Chapel update. The organ has been removed and is stored in a safe climate controlled location. Work has begun inside the sanctuary. Major items such as the pews have been removed for the construction of scaffolding to repair the main beams and supports. Windows have not been removed yet.

Mary Evans discussed Cornell College’s three year strategic plan addressing the students’ needs and wants to better the Liberal Arts College. The goal is to add up to 300 students. Bowman and Carter Hall may possibly be future locations to add additional bedding. Cornell contact will be John Harp for this project. The committee discussed utilizing historic homes specifically for the housing of incoming students or clubs. The Harlan House was mentioned as a possible location.

Mary Evans and Grace Chamberlain talked about website and Facebook updates. Art Vaughns from Manhattan Kansas found our site on Facebook. In his comments he stated that Feves, France is the sister town to Manhattan Kansas and would like to find out more about our relationship to our sister town Diekirch, Luxembourg.

Mount Vernon Cemetery Preservation discussions were put on hold until late spring 2022.

Next meeting is tentatively scheduled (if we have business) via zoom on January 19, 2022 at 5:30 pm

Meeting was adjourned at 10:15am

Respectfully Submitted,

Donnie Moore