Minutes – 2021-06-30

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June 30, 2021

The Historic Preservation Commission met via Zoom on Wednesday, June 30, 2021 at 5:30 p.m. Members present on Zoom were Leah Rogers, Mary Evans, Susasn Hargus, Janet Budack, Grace Chamberlain, Duane Eash, Suzette Astley, Ed Sauter, Donnie Moore, Angie Bauman Power, and Guy Booth. Also present was Scott Ladwig, Construction Manager for Cornell College, and Brad Lass, an applicant for approval of a project at his residence.

The Minutes of June 16, 2021 were approved.

The first design review item was presented by Scott Ladwig. Cornell College is presenting four applications for the certificate of appropriateness for new roofs on buildings that were damaged by the derecho on August 10, 2020. The structures include the Blue Bird house at 508 10th Ave. SW, the Bob White house at 600 1st St SW, Old Sem, and Armstrong Hall. All of the structures will receive new roofs, and some will also have work done on the gutters and the soffits of the buildings. Scott Ladwig described the damage to each building and the need for repair. Upon motion by Suzette Astley, seconded by Susan Hargus, a certificate of appropriateness was approved.

The second design review item was a request for Brad and Brittany Lass for work on their residence at 615 7th St. NW. This property is in the Ash Park Historic District. Mr. Lass had presented pictures of a garage that was being remodeled. The new siding for the existing garage will be a Board and Batten siding. In addition, there is a new garden shed that is being added to the property. The plans for both structures fit within the zoning guidelines and are appropriate in the historic district. Upon motion by Guy Booth, seconded by Ed Sauter, the certificate of appropriateness was approved.

Under old business, Mary Evans indicated that the walking tour that had been scheduled for June 22, 2021 that was cancelled because of the pending storm, has been reset for August 24, 2021. Mary will provide further information about the tour as we get closer to August 24. The tour will include the same buildings and walking path that was previously identified. Mary also reported that the shelving for the archive room have been ordered and should be available for assembly in the near future.

Under new business, the Commission is called upon to select a new chairperson. Leah Rogers, who is being treated for cancer at this time and is still running her own business, needs to rearrange her schedule, so challenging her illness can be a top priority. The Commission all support the need to relieve the pressure of chairmanship from the stressors in Leah’s life. Leah indicated that nominations are open for the position of chairperson of the Commission. Guy Booth nominated Suzette Astley to become the new chairperson. A motion to close nominations and to cast a unanimous ballot for Suzette Astley was made by Janet Budack and seconded by Mary Evans. The motion carried unanimously. Suzette indicated she is looking forward to serving as Chairperson. It was suggested that all members of the Commission need to join in to share some of the work of the Chairperson, and each member can determine what assistance they can give to ensure that the commission continues to work effectively.

Leah announced that videos from the recent preservation summit will be available to those members who were enrolled at the summit through the month of August. These seminars can be used for ongoing educational credit for commissioners.

Because of the meeting held on this date, there will not be a meeting on the first Saturday of July. However, our next meeting will be the mid-month meeting on July 14, 2021 if there are design review items that come onto the agenda.

Respectfully Submitted, Guy Booth, Secretary