Hawkeye Articles 1890–1895


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Hawkeye Articles 1890–1895 pertaining to Mount Vernon businesses, housing, schools, and churches. Recorded on file cards by unidentified researcher.  Sadly no addresses were included.

G.E. Siggins Restaurant, Hawkeye: Jan. 10, 1890
“G.E. Siggins has opened a new restaurant in the old post office building.”

Restaurant & bakery, Hawkeye: April 25, 1890
“Mr. Bebstock is here and will be ready in a few days to open his restaurant and bakery.”

Bebstock’s Restaurant, Hawkeye: May 2, 1890
“Grand Opening: You are all cordially invited to attend the Grand opening Friday evening, May 2nd, at J.P. Bebstock’s new restaurant. Music by the Mt. Vernon band.”

Dr. Thomas Baird practice of medicine, Hawkeye: May 16, 1890
“Dr. Thomas Baird, of Mt. Vernon, has decided to locate here for the practice of medicine. He has rented the rooms over Graham’s restaurant, formerly fitted up for Dr. Safley, and expects to be ready for business by Monday next.”

G.E. Siggins ice cream parlor, Hawkeye: May 23, 1890
“G.E. Siggins has opened a new ice cream parlor in the east room of the building recently occupied by his mother-in-law, Mrs. John Burge.”

Piano tuner, Hawkeye: June 13, 1890
“Charles C. Lemburg, who successfully and satisfactorily tuned a number of pianos here last wk. for our people, has concluded to visit our town regularly every three months hereafter.”

McFarland & Piero, Hawkeye: July 25, 1890
“New Firm. McFarland and Piero. Prices reasonable. Satisfaction guaranteed.”
Note: Above note 1st shown as advertisement on July 25, 1890

Dress making by Lizzie Dorsey & Eliza Fellener, Hawkeye: October 3, 1890
“Dress making. We desire to announce that on or about Wednesday, October 1st, we shall be prepared to serve the ladies of Mt. Vernon…rooms at F. Boyle’s residence on South Washington Street.”

W.H. Armstrong wholesale fruit, Hawkeye: November 28, 1890
“W.H. Armstrong of Cedar Rapids, who is now engaged in the wholesale fruit business, was doing business here Tuesday.”

Dr. Geo. W. Hogle, Hawkeye: April 17, 1891
“Dr. Geo. W. Hogle, who has recently graduated at the Miami Medical College at Cincinnati, Ohio, is here and has decided to locate in Mt. Vernon.”

Hugh McIndol new law practice, Hawkeye: April 24, 1891
“Hugh McIndol, ‘86, has begun practicing law and has an office in the new Chamber of Commerce Building w/L.J. Pierson, ‘80, who has moved from the Home Insurance Building.”

Ferry Boat, Hawkeye: May 8, 1891
“A new ferry boat is now running on the Cedar River at the old McCure Stone Quarry. Lorena Clark is now the owner of the quarry and ferry boat.” Note: Article is from the Sun (Lisbon).

Tin Shop, Hawkeye: December 18, 1891
“E.T. Gordon has employed a tinner and fitted up a tin shop and is now prepared to serve his patrons in that line.”

Reid barber shop, Hawkeye: February 26, 1892
“Mr. Reid, of Lyons, Iowa, has opened a barber shop in the rooms formerly occupied by Dr. Hogle, over the Mt. Vernon Bank.”

Messrs. Moore and Snyder hotel, Hawkeye: March 4, 1892
“Messrs. Moore and Snyder are building a hotel and fixing up beautiful grounds for the accommodation of pleasure seekers during the summer at the Palisades. Their grounds are situated at the head of the high rocks.”

Berdwell Millinery Store, Hawkeye: April 22, 1892
“New millinery store. Mrs. Bertie Berdwell. Latest styles and prices. Next door to Dr. Wolfe’s office.”

Smith & Tanberg, house, sign, & carriage painters, Hawkeye: May 27, 1892
“Smith & Tanberg, house, sign, and carriage painters, paper hangers and decorations. Shop located over Sefely’s Blacksmith Shop.”

Mrs. Odell, Hawkeye: May 27, 1892
“Mrs. Odell will be found in the Little Brick, with a stack of powders, toilet soap, perfumes, waists for ladies, misses and children, the christy knives and general novelties.”

Gamble & Alexander, Hawkeye: Aug. 19, 1892
“Gamble & Alexander have purchased a new dray and they are near ready to promptly serve their patrons.”

H.D. Butterfield, Hawkeye: Sept. 9, 1892
“H.D. Butterfield . He will open out in a few days with a magnificent stock of dry goods in the elegant new room just built by Capt. Kepler.”

Dr. Mitchell, veterinary surgeon, Hawkeye: November 11, 1892
“Dr. T.I. Mitchell… can be found at the office of Drs. Wolfe where he will give prompt attention to all calls day or night.”

C. Brackett’s clothing store, Hawkeye: Feb. 17, 1893
“Charles Brackett has opened a new clothing store in the Collin Bank Building.”

Pulman House barber shop, Hawkeye: April 18, 1890
“Jae Ross, formerly with R. Breadio, has bought the Pulman House barber shop and bathrooms.”

Ernest Morgan barber shop, Hawkeye: September 12th, 1890
“Ernest Morgan has sold his barber shop and bathroom fixtures to his brother, L.F. Morgan and Frank Morgan…Frank Morgan is in full partnership w/his father in the business here…”
Note: Located at “Ernest’s old stand”

Oliver Chapin Barber Shop, Hawkeye: October 2, 1891
“Oliver Chapin has added another chair to his barber shop facilities and engaged Bert Hahn as an assistant, so he is now better prepared to serve his patrons.”

L.F. Morgan Barber Shop, Hawkeye: March 18, 1892
“L.F. Morgan has moved his barber shop to rooms over Goudy Book Store. The change being necessitated on account of the old stand being removed to make room for a new business block which will be erected at once by C.W. Kepler.”

Mr. Murphy, the barber, Hawkeye: Sept. 2, 1892
“Mr. Murphy, the barber, has papered, painted and otherwise improved the appearance of his shop.”

Reed barber shop, Hawkeye: October 11, 1892
“Now that Mr. Reed has put in so fine a shop in every way complete in its appointments, elegant in furnishing and in such pleasant rooms as are those over the Mt. Vernon Bank…”

Mt. Vernon Bank, Hawkeye: Feb. 20, 1891
“The Mt. Vernon Bank is making arrangements to have their building finely remodeled.”

Mt. Vernon Bank, Hawkeye: March 20th, 1891
“The Mt. Vernon Bank has commenced their improvements, having brick on the ground to begin building the addition as soon as the weather will permit… will have an attractive building, with an outside entrance to the second story.”

Squire Collins’ new Bank Building, Hawkeye: April 24, 1891
“The material is being placed on the ground and work will at once begin on Squire Collins’ new bank building.”

Banks, Hawkeye: May 29, 1891
“A strong force of workmen are also at work on both bank buildings.”

Banks, Hawkeye: July 24, 1891
“Our two new palatial bank buildings are rapidly nearing completion. They will add greatly to the appearance of our city…”

Mt. Vernon Bank, Hawkeye: October 30, 1891
“The handsome counter and fixtures for the Mt. Vernon Bank were received and put up this week. The interior now corresponds to the exterior…”

Collin Bank Building, Hawkeye: December 16, 1892
“Chas. Brackett has purchased the Collin Bank Building. For what purpose it is to be used we are not advised.”

Mt. Vernon Bank, Hawkeye: Feb. 10, 1893
“Smith and Carlson of the Mt. Vernon Bank have sold a one third interest in their business to Col. H.H. Rood. Col. Rood has been identified with the growth and development of the business interests of Mt.Vernon longer perhaps than any other businessman now doing business on this hill.”

Bank, Hawkeye: May 19, 1893
“The M.V. Bank put a fine iron case into their vault Monday.”

Dr. T.A. Gormly, dentist, Hawkeye: March 20, 1891
“Dr. T.A. Gormly… will open an office next Monday over Neff & Co’s new furniture store, in the room formerly occupied by E.J. Stevenson.”

Dr. Gormley, Hawkeye: Sept. 19, 1890
“Dr. Gormly has moved his office into the rooms over Maxwell & Robinson’s millinery store…”

Drs. Wolfe & Wolfe, Hawkeye: August 14, 1891
“Drs. Wolfe and Wolfe are adding room formerly occupied as Tyler’s Barber Shop to their office and leaving it nicely papered and fitted up for a private consultation room.”

Drs. J.D. & T.L. Wolfe, Hawkeye: February 26, 1892
“Drs. J.D. & T.L. Wolfe are making good improvements on their building. They have added on to the east side so as to give accommodations for Dr. DeFriel for a tailor shop, and are also fitting up a basement room…for Mr. Chapin’s uses as a barber shop. The new arrangements will give them larger accommodations.”

Drs. Wolfe, Hawkeye: March 25, 1892
“The Drs. Wolfe are raising their building on East Main Street to two stories and will remodel and improve the whole.”

Dr. Hogle, Hawkeye: October 9, 1891
“Doctor Hogle has moved into his elegant new quarters over the Mt. Vernon Bank.”

Dr. Hogle’s , Hawkeye: July 15, 1892
“Dr. Hogle is making some changes in the second story of his building so as to have the accommodations of a private office.”

Mr. Stanley’s hotel, Hawkeye: August 22, 1890
“Mr. Stanley is building an addition to his hotel which, when completed will double the capacity of his house. His business has increased so rapidly that this enlargement was a necessity.”

Mr. Young’s Tennant HousesHawkeye: July 31, 1891
“Mr. Young’s tennant houses on Main Street, opposite the Hotel DeGuild have been treated to a coat of paint.”

Mt. Vernon house, Hawkeye: Nov. 11, 1892
“The Mt. Vernon House had every room occupied over Sunday, a not at all unusual occurrence, and is something that speaks very distinct concerning the prosperous and growing condition of the Hill City.”

Jewelry Stock, Hawkeye: July 3, 1891
“Rev. J.S. Smith of Mechannicsville has purchased the jewelry stock of Luke Fish and will continue the business at the old stand, but will not take possession until about Sept. 1st.”

J.S. Smith, Jeweler, Hawkeye: May 6, 1892
“We are glad to note the business of the building he occupies by J.S. Smith, our affable and enterprising jeweler. This assures him as a more permanent fixture and will enable him to make improvements which will give him an attractive business room.”
Note: Location unknown

J.S. Smith, jeweler, Hawkeye: May 13, 1892
“J.S. Smith, our enterprising jeweler, has already made marked and substantial improvements in his room.”

Jeweler Smith, Hawkeye: Sept. 2, 1892
“Jeweler Smith is getting the interior of his store fitted up in a very neat and attractive manner.”

Livery barn, Hawkeye: Jan. 10, 1890
“Gamble and Alexander have opened a new livery barn in J.J. Smith’s old livery barn.”

Livery, Hawkeye: April 25, 1890
“Our popular and enterprising livery men, messrs. Gamble and Alexander, have just purchased as elegant new “wagonette” that will comfortably carry twelve persons. It is a ‘dandy’ and a credit to our town and supplies a long felt want.”

Livery, Hawkeye: June 6, 1890
“Chas. Maybauer is the successor of J.C. Duncan in the livery business, he having taken possession of the stock Wednesday morning.”

Maybauer & Moses Livery, Hawkeye: Sept. 19, 1890
“Maybauer & Moses are enlarging and improving their livery barn in the east end of Main Street, which will make a very good improvement.”

Stanley’s hack & dray line, Hawkeye: October 3, 1890
“Ed. Sessions has purchased M.I. Stanley’s hack and dray line and will continue the business.”

Smith & D.W. Tapper Livery, Hawkeye: November 21, 1890
“A new firm comprised of Elmer Smith and D.W. Tapper are about to commence business here, having purchased the livery stock of Maybauer & Moses.”

messrs. Maybauer & Moses livery, Hawkeye: December 12, 1890
“We are glad to know, as many of our readers will be also, the popular liverymen, messrs. Maybauer & Moses, have not disposed of their business…”
Note: Earlier Hawkeye reported the selling of their livery.

Livery, Hawkeye: Jan. 9, 1891
“J.H. Thomas has purchased Charlie Maybauer’s interest in the livery business…”

Hack & dray line, Hawkeye: May 22, 1891
“Ed. Sessions has sold his hack and dray line to John Garrett, and left yesterday morning for Chicago.”

Hayden Wagon and blacksmith shop, Hawkeye: November 20, 1891
“W.H. Safley has purchased the Hayden wagon and blacksmith shops on Washington Street.”

Kirwen and McElroy dray line, Hawkeye: March 4, 1892
“Kirwen and McElroy is the name of our new dray line. Mr. McElroy, who for some time past has been with Mr. Guild, having purchased a half interest of Kirwen.”

Gamble & Alexander livery, Hawkeye: July 15, 1892
“Gamble and Alexander, who have so satisfactorily served our people in the livery line for several years past, have sold their stock to Moses and Thomas, who with their additional and already fine and complete outfit, now have the largest and finest livery teams in this vicinity.”

Moses and Stephens livery, Hawkeye: October 24, 1892
“J.S. Stephens of Moses and Stephens has bought out the interest of his partner and is now sole proprietor. Mr. Stephens has a finely equipped livery establishment…”

New livery stable, Hawkeye: December 10, 1892
“…J.H. Davis and son, proprietors of the new livery stable just opened at the old stand of Gamble and Alexander.”

Kerwin’s hack & dray line, Hawkeye: Feb. 10, 1892
“Mike Kerwin has sold his hack and dray line to Phillip Hahn who will purchase a new hack at once and otherwise improve this service.”

Livery stock, Hawkeye: May 19, 1893
“M.T. Stanley yesterday sold and conveyed his livery stock and business to Elmer Smith.”

Hawkeye, Hawkeye: October 3, 1890
“No paper next week. On account of new dress for Hawkeye and confusion occasioned by rebuilding our office, we have concluded to suspend publications next week.”

Hawkeye, Hawkeye: November 21, 1890
“The Mt. Vernon Hawkeye has been enlarged to a thirty-six column, with a new dress. This evidence of prosperity is surely gratifying to all friends of honest journalism.” Tipton advertiser.

Hawkeye, Hawkeye: June 19, 1891
“Our successful and worthy contemporary across the way, the Hawkeye man, is still adding more improvements to his well-equipped office. His last addition was a gasoline engine of one horsepower, to do all his press work.”

Hawkeye, Hawkeye: January 22, 1892
“The Mt. Vernon Hawkeye enters upon its twenty-fourth year under the name of S.H. Bauman & Son…”

Hawkeye, Hawkeye: April 12, 1892
“The Mt. Vernon Hawkeye is bound to be up with the procession. They have just added another job press to their outfit, giving them three presses in all…”

Hogle Bros., Hawkeye: March 4, 1892
“Hogle Bros. have purchased the —– stock of drugs and will continue business at the old stand for a time at least. Dr. Hogle has wisely concluded to remain in Mt. Vernon.”

Hogle Bros., Hawkeye: May 27, 1892
“Hogle Bros. have purchased the Carly building, now occupied by Arnold Smouse, and expect to occupy the same in the near future.”

Hogle Bros., Hawkeye: Aug. 19, 1892
“Hogle Bros. are moving into their store building opposite the Hawkeye office which has been thoroughly renovated and greatly improved.

Hogle Bros., Hawkeye: July 29, 1892
“Hogle Bros. are preparing their new room and will soon be located uptown. They are going to have something right in line with the latest and carry the goods you will want.”

Arnold Smouse, Hawkeye: August 5, 1892
“Arnold Smouse is getting nicely settled in his new room and rapidly convincing our people that he is here for business and means business. He has a large and better quarters now and is to carry a full line of books, stationery, wallpaper, etc.”

Arnold Smouse, Hawkeye: July 15, 1892
“Arnold Smouse is ‘hustling’ things preparatory to moving into his new room across the street, expects to be nicely settled ere long.”

Parcel-Burge, Hawkeye: December 12, 1890
“The Parcel-Burge property on Main Street, opposite the residence of Dr. Carson, sold at public sale last Saturday for $1,352 to Chas. Brackett.”

C. Brackett’s clothing store, Hawkeye: Feb. 24, 1893
“Chas. Brackett has put a five-plate glass case in his room, which not only displays their goods to advantage, but adds an elegant ornament to his fine room.”

Kepler, Hawkeye: April 1, 1892
“Work has begun on the new Kepler block, the old building being removed this week, and the new one will — raise in its place now.”

Capt. Kepler, Hawkeye: July 8, 1892
“Capt. Kepler’s new building is going to be another substantial ornament to our principal business street.”

Capt. Kepler, Hawkeye: September 16, 1892
“Captain Kepler moved into his elegant suite of new rooms in the second story of his own building yesterday where he now greets his old friends and patrons.”

Bakery, Hawkeye: March 28, 1890
“Mr. John P. Rebstock of DeWitt has taken a five year’s lease of the store room recently occupied by Elwood Bros., and —- about April 15th will move here. He comes here for the purpose of establishing a first class bakery.”

Messrs. Rundell bros. Market, Hawkeye: Sept. 19, 1890
“Messrs. Rundell bros. Have been making some nice improvements to their market and added new furniture which altogether presents a fine appearing market.”

Merritt and Alexander grocers, Hawkeye: October 31, 1890
“Merritt and Alexander, our popular and wide awake grocers, are improving the interior of their store and making it more attractive than ever.”

A. Goudy & Co., Hawkeye: Feb. 13, 1891
“A. Goudy & Co. move their stock of millinery goods today into their new room in the City Hall building.”

Wolfe Building, Hawkeye: Feb. 20, 1891
“The room recently vacated by the millinery store in the Wolfe Building is being fitted up for the Stevenson stock.”

E.J. Stevenson general merchandise, Hawkeye: March 13, 1891
“E.J. Stevenson has been busy this week moving his stock of general merchandise, and getting settled in his new quarters uptown…”

Neff & Co., Hawkeye: March 20, 1891
“Neff & Co. are busy this week remodeling and fitting up their new quarters and are going to have a splendid room.” Note: Neff & Co. is a furniture store.

Agriculture implement, Hawkeye: July 24, 1891
“Our dealers in agriculture implements and farm machinery are doing an extensive business this season. Mr. Gough…informed me that his sales in farm machinery this season were larger than ever before, and that his implement trade is assuming mammoth proportions.”

“Yellow Front”, Hawkeye: July 24, 1891
“George H. Kuebler has been renovating things at the “yellow front” which, from the interior, now greets you in a fresh and neat, new attire of paper on walls and ceiling.”

Northwestern Depot, Hawkeye: July 31, 1891
“The Northwestern has a night operator at the depot here now, incident to the heavy work in double track construction.”

July 31, 1891, “Painting has been the supreme order of the week among our business men. The respecting fronts of the Post Office Building, Rood & Young, and Goudy & Hoke have all been the recipients of fresh paint.”

Siggins Stock , Hawkeye: December 11, 1891
“…A.J. Garrett & Co. have purchased the Siggins stock and will continue the business at the old stand.”

Platner’s Implement, Hawkeye: December 18, 1891
“Chas. Maybauer has purchased Mr. Platner’s implement business.”
Note: Maybauer has rented Mr. Platner’s building and will continue business there.

J.B. DeFriel, Hawkeye: May 30, 1892
“J.B. DeFriel now has headquarters on Main St., just west of Brackett’s residence.”

Ainsworth Meat Market, Hawkeye: June 17, 1892
“Sam Ainsworth is the successor of Brackett & Sons at the corner meat market.”

Martz and son, well drillers, Hawkeye: June 24th, 1892
“Martz and son, well drillers, water on no-pay. Latent improved and best machinery in —. Residence south side of town.”

Purchase by Ink, Hawkeye: July 8, 1892
“Clayton Ink has purchased the Brackett corner on Main Street extending from Jefferson Street to the ally east of Mr. Neff’s residence. Mr. Ink, we understand, has also purchased an interest in the meat market w/Sam Ainsworth.”

W.H. Goudy, Hawkeye: August 5, 1892
“W.H. Goudy is handsomely papering the walls and ceiling in his large room…”

Smith & Herston, Hawkeye: Aug. 5, 1892
“Smith & Herston, the successors of Smith & Tanberg, are proving themselves popular even in succeeding a popular firm. Chas. Herston, who purchased Mr. Tanberg’s interest comes here from Mechanicsville.”

Alexander & Kyle, Hawkeye: August 5, 1892
“Alexander & Kyle have been ‘house-cleaning’ in a way that is surely pleasing. With their newly and handsomely papered walls and ceiling and fresh paint…”

Houses in Mt. Vernon, Hawkeye: May 6, 1892
“Mt. Vernon rejoiced last summer over about 30 new homes costing from $1,000 to $9,000 each. Prospects are quite as good for this year.”

Col. Rood Cottages, Hawkeye: March 7, 1890
“Col. Rood has let the contract to Davis and Keyes for the erection of three fine cottages to be completed and ready for occupancy Sept. 1st.”

Col. Rood’s Cottages, Hawkeye: April 18, 1890
“Workmen are now at work on Col. Rood’s new cottages.”
Notes: 4 cottages are under construction.

Col. Rood’s cottages, Hawkeye: May 2, 1890
“Col. H.H. Rood now has two of his four new cottages well underway and expects to have all four completed and ready for occupancy by Sept. 1. Three of these cottages are specially designed for young ladies and gentlemen wanting better rooming accommodations…”

Col. Rood’s cottages, Hawkeye: Aug. 1, 1890
“Col. Rood’s new cottages and that of J.C. Keedick are rapidly approaching completion.”

J. Reiger House, Hawkeye: March 14, 1890
“John Reiger has bought a lot on Washington Street south of Messr. Keedick’s residence, and has already let a contract for the erection of a fair sized dwelling to be built immediately.”

Renovations of Mrs. Dr. I.K. Fuller Home, Hawkeye: May 9, 1890
“Mrs. Dr. I.K. Fuller opened her home Tuesday morning for renovation and repairs preparatory to occupancy…”

J.C. Keedick Cottage, Hawkeye: May 23, 1890
“J.C. Keedick is making preparations to build another cottage north of the college campus.”

Mrs. Hopper’s new dwelling house, Hawkeye: August 1, 1890
“Mrs. Hopper’s new dwelling house on the south side of town is being pushed forward with considerable energy. It is a large and commodious building, modern and tasty in its architectural design.”

Dr. Albrook residence, Hawkeye: May 1, 1891
“Dr. Albrook has purchased two lots of the college north of Chaplain Lozler’s residence, and will build immediately a fine residence.”

Elmer Keith Contract, Hawkeye: May 1, 1891
“Elmer Keith has already taken contracts to build five new dwellings this spring. The prospects are that there will be more new buildings built this summer than ever before.”

Rose building, Hawkeye: July 22, 1892
“Mrs. Samuel Ellison has purchased the Rose building occupied by Mr. Glenn as a law office and the dwelling owned and occupied by J.H. Thomas adjoining this property.”
Note: Mrs. Ellison plans to occupy it as a home in the future.

Mrs. Hannah’s dwelling house, Hawkeye: May 12, 1893
“The foundation and cellar walls for Mrs. Hannah’s new dwelling house west of Prof. Corme’s residence, is progressing finely…”

Mr. Bebstock’s new dwelling house, Hawkeye: May 12, 1893
“Mr. Bebstock’s new dwelling house on the corner of Washington and College Streets is progressing nicely. The building is now enclosed…”

J.S. Smith home, Hawkeye: May 19, 1893
“J.S. Smith will soon begin the erection of a new home on his lot on Jefferson St.”

M.F. Rigby’s new home, Hawkeye: May 19, 1893
“Workmen are now at work putting in the foundation and cellar walls for Martin F. Rigby’s new house west of the college campus.”

Dr. Gormly’s new home, Hawkeye: May 26, 1893
“Dr. Gormly has purchased of W. Bank’s the two lots just east of Border’s place. This means another new house before long.”

Presbyterian Church, Hawkeye: March 7, 1890
“The Presbyterians have purchased the Myers lot on Main Street, opposite the Methodist church and parsonage, and will build a parsonage at once on the lot opposite the Methodist church.”

Presbyterian church, Hawkeye: May 2, 1890
“The committee who are authorized to build a Presbyterian parsonage in the town of Mt. Vernon, Iowa, will receive proposals to be made by May 19th, 1890. Building to be completed by October 15th, 1890.”

Bowman Hall, Hawkeye: July 25, 1890
“Bowman Hall is to be painted and papered this vacation, the contract having been given to a Cedar Rapids firm.”

College gymnasium, Hawk-Eye: Feb. 27, 1891
“The college gymnasium was burned early Sunday morning, causing a loss of about $300 to the athletic association, with no insurance…and the association will probably not rebuild.”

Main college halls, Hawk-Eye: July 31, 1891
“The main college halls are being improved by the addition of a second floor, the old one having been much worn out of late years.”

Adelphian Hall, Hawk-Eye: February 26, 1892
“The Adelphian Hall has been refurnished w/new high-back chairs w/leather seats, tables, and secretary’s desk…”

Ash Park, Hawk-Eye: March 18, 1892
“The new twenty acre Ash Park, recently purchased by the college, is being rapidly improved, one of the special features being an artificial lake.”

Electric light plant, Hawk-Eye: September 25, 1891
“Some of the people in Lisbon and Mt. Vernon are agitating the question of an electric light plant, to be placed between the towns, and furnish light for both places.”

Fire department, Hawk-Eye: March 20th, 1891
“The town council has produced new hose, and talks of trying to organize a fire department.”

Franklin Lodge #98, Knights of Pythias, Hawk-Eye: Jan. 23, 1891
“Franklin Lodge no. 98, Knights of Pythias, dedicate their new castle, just finished in the Neff Block, where the old G.A.R. Hall was located…”

Post office, Hawk-Eye: July 10, 1891
“Postmaster Power has been making improvements at the post office this week on the shape of a high glass enclosure over the cases. It gives better ventilation and adds to the appearance of things —, not a little.”

Report of last 6 wks., Hawkeye: April 18, 1890
“There has been an extraordinary movement in real estate in Linn County during the past six weeks, and particularly in farm lands.”

Report by Hawkeye, Hawkeye: June 13, 1890
“The material improvements now in progress in Mt. Vernon in the way of new buildings is greater than any previous year in its history, and in the matter of addition, repairing and improving real estate, a great amount of work is being done. Taking all in all, the present year is the most prosperous year we have ever enjoyed.”

New schoolhouse, Hawk-eye: March 6, 1891
“…4 propositions submitted and published last week by the school board…all will no doubt agree that we need a better schoolhouse as well as a larger one…”
Note: article is an opinion of the Hawk-Eye editor.

Public school, Hawk-Eye: July 24, 1891
“The school board has let the contract to build a two-room addition on the north side of our public school building, repairing and making necessary changes in old building, to Ms. Gawky of Lisbon, to be completed and ready for occupancy by October first.

Public school, Hawk-Eye: September 11, 1891
“The enlargement and improvement upon the public school building is being pushed forward as rapidly as possible now.”

Sidewalk Hawkeye: May 16, 1890
“Mrs. Carley has set a good example for her neighbors by building a good, new sidewalk in front of her residence on Jefferson Street.”

Sidewalks, Hawkeye: May 16, 1840
“Will Alexander and Dr. Kepler are indulging in the luxury of new sidewalks in front of their residence.”

Sidewalks, Hawk-Eye: October 23, 1891
“New sidewalks are all the rage here now. If you want to be in step at all, you must either have a brand new walk or be sure that the old one is in good repair.”

Sidewalks, Hawk-Eye: May 19, 1893
“The new sidewalks now being laid on the south side of Market St.”

Street Sprinkler, Hawk-eye: May 22, 1891
“A petition is being circulated among businessmen, and the street sprinkler question seems in a fair way to be settled in a gratifying manner…”

Street sprinkler, Hawk-Eye: June 12, 1891
“We are bound to have the street sprinkler. It is about completed and will probably be ready for the first ‘dust storm.’ Let the good work go on.”

Street lamps, Hawk-Eye: November 13, 1891
“W.H. Safley has resigned his charge of the street lamps, much to the regret of the town council, as he has been faithful…”

Telephone Office, Hawk-Eye: June 24, 1892
“The telephone office has been moved into the post office building with Jess Hale as local manager.”

Tennis court, Hawk-eye: May 1, 1891
“Professors Freer, Remick, Webster and Goodwin have just completed a model tennis court and invite their friends to witness their skill.”

Train Depot, Hawk-eye: June 12, 1891
“The Northwestern has the depot lowered and a new platform constructed on a grade with the new double track. While a new depot was needed and would have been more in keeping with the progression policy, the present changes are a decided improvement…”

Water works, Hawkeye: Feb. 28, 1890
“Mayor Boyd received the following letter form a Chicago man who suggests a plan to furnish our city with water.:

Water works, Hawkeye: March 14, 1890
“Councilman Clark informs us that a Chicago party was here this week investigating the matter, who said he would guarantee that a good system of works could be built…”

Waterworks, Hawk-Eye: March 20, 1891
“It is noticed waterworks is again moated in your columbs. No doubt Mt. Vernon needs a more ample supply of the cooling liquid than is now accessible, in the event of a fire, in the business portion of the town.”

Waterworks, Hawk-Eye: July 24, 1891
“Our enterprising town of Clarence has completed her waterworks. What’s the matter with Mt. Vernon? We have double the population that Clarence has and many other advantages that our sister city does not possess, and yet we are lagging behind in the way of public improvement.”

Steam saundry owned by C.E. Blood, Hawkeye: May 1, 1891
“Steam Laundry Burned–The steam laundry owned by C.E. Blood, on the north side of town, caught fire last evening…and all that is now left to mark the place where it stood is a pile of smouldering ruins.”