High School History Reports

Lincoln Highway by Bryce Husak & Tyler Leeper

Description Lincoln Highway Creator Bryce Husak and Tyler Leeper Date 1912

Life in Mount Vernon…Back in Time by Cornelia Vinzens

Description Student Report: Interviews with Alan Duvall, Charles Millhouse, Jean M. Stoner Creator Cornelia Vinzens Date 1931, 1940, 1941

Cedar Springs Hotel by Heather Heaton & Allison Pospisil

Description Cherry Sisters Adolph Biterman Dorthy and Lee Layton Creator Heather Heaton and Allison Pospisil Date 1884

Interview for My Grandma About the Office “Lee’s Town & Country Real Estate” by Melissa Bertling & Leah Weber

Description Student Report Creator Melissa Bertling and Leah Weber Date @1881 and 2001