• Leah Rogers, chair
  • Guy Booth
  • Ed Sauter
  • Hugh Lifson
  • Patricia Westercamp
  • Janet Budack
  • Sara Kelly
  • Susan Hargus
  • Mary Evans
  • Robert Murphy
  • Caroline Kelly
  • Suzette Astley
  • Dick Thomas, emeritus


  • Three districts listed on the National Register of Historic Places: Ash Park, Cornell College, Commercial
  • Enacted a Design Review ordinance for the designated historic districts
  • Provide technical assistance and expertise on historic preservation projects
  • Assist property owners in emergency situations to obtain grants from the State Historical Society of Iowa
  • Assist property owners with information and contacts for state and federal historic preservation tax credits and available grant funding
  • Spearheaded a historic masonry evaluation of all brick buildings in the Commercial District
  • Launched the MVHPC Website
  • Cemetery Records Preservation
  • Conduct seminars in proper preservation techniques: porch restoration, historic paint colors, window restoration, masonry repairs
  • Walking tours of the historic districts
  • Preservation of the Mickey Woods Historic Mount Vernon mural
  • City Records Preservation
  • Educational Publications
  • Summer student internship