Mount Vernon’s Historic Images

Shoe Tree

Photo of tree with shoes hanging from the branches.

A tradition of Cornell students was to throw a pair of shoes into the branches before leaving for the summer. The Shoe Tree is located on a B road off…Read More

Sun newspaper article entitled “Cornell Honors Brackett Descendants”

Photo of newspaper article

Sun newspaper article entitled “Cornell Honors Brackett Descendants”. Descendants of William Brackett living in the area were honored by Cornell College as guests at the luncheon at the Commons following…Read More

608 5th Ave NW

Photo of Siggins family and relatives

Right to left: Carol Klein Tolbert, Charles Klein, Jeff Siggins, Donald Siggins, Charles Siggins, Ruth Rhoads, Ruth Klein Rhoads, Rubye Beach Klein, Henry Rhoads.  @ early 1950s

819 Lisbon Road NE

Photo of house at 819 Lisbon Road NE.

819 Lisbon Road NE was built by Guy Siggins. The house remains in the original colors of dark green and white. The house has always been owned by the Siggins…Read More

Drs. John and Tom Wolfe standing in front of their Office

Photo of Drs. Tom and John Wolfe in front of their office.

Drs. John and Tom Wolfe standing in front of their office which was built in 1912. Dr. Tom Lindley Wolfe 1871-1951. Dr. John Dill Wolfe 1867-1921.

History of the Cedar Springs Hotel

By Heather Heaton and Allison Pospisil Cedar Springs Hotel What once sparkled and rocked with laughter and music, now lies broken and ready for burial. All that remains of the…Read More

The Shantz House

by Chris Stoner October 2003 For my Mount Vernon History Project, I chose the brick house at 303 A Ave. South. This house was built by my great-great-great grandfather Martin…Read More

My House

By Larry Covington William Abbe, the first white settler of Linn County, lived on the land where my present house now stands. Abbe was a tall, thin, energetic man from…Read More